Start the day in the middle of the green

Good food and many convenient services

One of the strengths of the York Hotel in Riccione is its garden where you can have breakfast, a mouth-watering buffet of sweet and savory delicacies with table service with regard to coffee and cappuccino. There is a rich choice of homemade cakes, biscuits, fresh fruit, fruit juice and a plate of cheeses and cold cuts to go to meet those who prefer to taste salty first thing in the morning. 

Delicacies at the right times, but not for all

The day at the York hotel starts with breakfast that is served in the breakfast room in the lobby and in the garden from 8 to 10. Lunch is served from 13 to 13.30 and dinner from 19.30 to 20. All hours are flexible for the children and for the families that need the most attention. In this case, it is possible to require the preparation of baby food or vegetable broth and sole and also half an hour before the opening of the kitchens. An eye to the families, who need specific care to make your holiday as enjoyable as possible. 

A rich menu and the choices varied, even for vegetarians

The Hotel York offers both lunch and dinner, a choice of start your journey directly in the menu served at the table, with the first and second of meat or fish at every meal. You can also make additional changes to the main dishes, to the extent possible, without paying any fee. At every meal the dishes are accompanied by a buffet of vegetables both raw and cooked, side dishes and salads, cheeses and desserts complete the proposal of the menu sees dishes for those following a vegetarian diet.